Myths and Realities about Mexico-United States Migration

Luis Arturo Rivas Tovar, Adela Chávez, Juan Enrique Azuara Munguía, Ana Gabriela Benítez Jurado
2014 iBusiness  
This is an article review of state-of-the-art about Mexicans' migration to the USA, in last 5 years. We analyzed 4 myths: 1). Migration generates negative effects for the receiving country because when migrants arrive. 2). Mexicans' migration to the USA generates big distortions in the receiving communities and Mexico is the only economic beneficiary. 3). Migrants collapse public health services in USA. 4). Mexican migrants are mistreated by American authorities. The findings will show the lack
more » ... will show the lack of empirical evidence of these generalized ideas.
doi:10.4236/ib.2014.62008 fatcat:lsykssyztrgczmo5llq5ks2iye