Missions to Phobos and Other Minor Bodies

Vsevolod S. Avduevsky, Efraim L. Akim, Timur M. Eneev, Mikhail Ya. Marov, Stanislav D. Kulikov, Roald S. Kremnev, Garry A. Popov
2002 Highlights of Astronomy  
AbstractA space mission to Mars' moon Phobos with a space vehicle of new generation currently developed by the Russian Aerospace Agency is discussed. The vehicle design incorporates innovative SEP technology focused on small propulsion electric engines which significantly improve the mission energetic capability. The project is optimized around a sample return (PSR) from Phobos and also offers an opportunity for rendezvous/sample return missions from several asteroids, comets, and NEO.
more » ... rationale, and basic profile of PSR mission are presented.
doi:10.1017/s1539299600014507 fatcat:a7oxunzwrbg43d6w5cs6hdnyy4