A revision of the Pheroliodidae, fam. n. (Acari: Oribatei)

Adilson D. Paschoal
1986 Revista Brasileira de Zoologia  
The new family Pheroliodidae, herei nproposed, includes the following genera and species Pheroliodes Grandjean (in whose synonymy Pedrocortesia Hammer is placed), with the species: casa-branquensis, sp. n. (Brazil, São Paulo, Casa Branca), pellitus, sp. n. (Brazil, São Paulo, Piracicaba), nemoricultricis, sp. n. (Brazil, São Paulo, Piracicaba), wehnekei (Willmann) (Guatemala, Venezuela), roblensis Covarrubias (Chile), mirabilis (Hammer), n. comb. (Argentina): Pedrocortesia elegans Hammer, P.
more » ... egans Hammer, P. intermedia Hammer, both from Peru, P. fissurata Balogh & Mahunka and P. inaequalis Balogh & Mahunka, both from Mongolia, P. franzi Balogh (Chad), P. africana Balogh (Kenya), P. vermicularis Balogh (New Guinea) and P. sculptrata Aoki (Corea) are considered incertae sedis; Lopholiodes, gen. n., includes the species micropunctinatum, sp. n., the type-species (Brazil, São Paulo, Anhumas) and macropunctinatum, sp. n. (Brazil, São Paulo, Piracicaba): Octoliodes, gen n., includes the species leuteomarginatus (Hammer), n. comb., the type-species (New ealand) and rotoruensis (Hammer), n. comb. (New Zealand): and Licnoliodes Grandjean, with the species: andrei Grandjean, type-species (Spain and Algeria), adminensis Grandjean, type-species (Spain and Algeria), adminensis Grandjean (Maroc, Algeria, Spain) and apunctatus Mahunka (Greece).
doi:10.1590/s0101-81751986000200002 fatcat:yy3hhfmnzrfqtb3scdeue7btyu