Adam MElbarghathi, The dean of faculty of medicine, University of Benghazi, Libya.
2019 International Journal of Advanced Research  
Strabismus /squint (ocular misalignment) is a widespread problem affecting young children, it's described centuries back when Hippocrates tried to find out its causes and noticed its familial inheritance (1) .Still , the causes of concomitant strabismus -in which the amount of deviation in the squinting eye remains constant (unaltered) in all the directions of gaze -is unclear with many hypothesis and genetic studies to localize the exact causative (2) to obtain the best visual and cosmetic
more » ... ome. Early strabismus presentation is fundamental for diagnosis, getting full ocular, refractive and orthoptic examination plus elimination of organic (non refractive) causes to get the best visual binocular rehabilitation before amblyopia is established. The main challenge in squint management in Libya as other parts of the world is the stigma behind (3) and the psychosocial impacts which leads to gender based discrimination (3), low self esteem (4), with lower health-related quality of life (5); plus denying the causative factors and the noninvasive early refractive and orthoptic management which will not only improve its cosmetic impact but obtains the best visual binocular outcome which is the main goal. Due to the lack of previous literature in Libya about squint prevalence, common types, influencing factors and it's associated refractive status, we tried to review the demographic, refractive, orthoptic status of recorded patients visiting squint clinic in Marytr Souhil Alatrash eyes teaching hospital in Benghazi in order to get enhanced understanding to the situation and elicit the weakness points to get the best outcome. Materials And Methods:- 633 patients were registered in the squint clinic in Marytr Souhil Alatrash eyes teaching hospital hospital between (2006-2016) as cases of concomitant squint patients were transferred from the outpatient departments after primary slit lamp examination and elimination any organic defect and suspicion of ocular misalignment. In only 605 of them demographic information , history and examination were reported fully as cases of concomitant strabismus, Patients were excluded if they had previous ocular surgery, ocular trauma or any other organic or coexisting eye diseases.Ophthalmic examinations were performed by a team of two senior ophthalmologists, two juniors, and two optometrists .
doi:10.21474/ijar01/9535 fatcat:jpbuf6hv5jcxvf7brpw6s6wyne