Communication Communication and Advertising in the Sphere of Social Imaginary

Mirela Arsith
The hypothesis from which we start is that according to which the simplification function of reality is closely linked to the idea of trust. The image of a product or of an institution is to awaken the client's or consumer's confidence. And trust is a tool of simplifying the reality (Balaban, 2009, p. 52). The success of advertisement depends on the interpretative chemistry of consumer situations plausible imagined, interacting with structures with familiar and accepted values. The meaning that
more » ... a person extracts from an advertisement differs from the meaning that another person can extract from the same advertisement. These symbols used in advertisements, which are subject to interpretation, understanding, signification, may take the form of words, pictures, music. Due to the fact that the messages task is to change behaviors, and behaviors are most easily changed and oppose the slightest resistance to change are those within the scope of ideals therefore, images must be idealized descriptions (Pitariu & David, 2009 p. 71).