On the centenary of Zygmunt Janiszewski (1888-1920): ideals of mathematical practice and the constitution of continuum theory

Luis Carlos Arboleda, Andrés Chaves
2020 Revista Pesquisa Qualitativa  
This paper shows the importance of applying a certain approach to the history and philosophy of mathematical practice to the study of Zygmunt Janiszewski's contribution to the topological foundations of Continuum theory. In the first part, a biography of Janiszewski is presented. It emphasizes his role as one of the founders of the Polish School of Mathematics, and the social, political and military facets in which his intellectual character was revealed, as well as the values that guided his
more » ... ademic and scientific life. Kitcher's view of mathematical practice is then adopted to examine the philosophical conceptions and epistemological style of Janiszewski in relation to the construction of the formal axiomatic system of knowledge about the continua. Finally, it is shown the convenience of differentiating in Kitcher's approach, the methods, procedures, techniques and strategies of practice, and the aesthetic values of mathematics. Keywords: Zygmunt Janiszewski; Continuum theory; Philosophy of mathematical practice; Polish school of mathematics.
doi:10.33361/rpq.2020.v.8.n.18.339 fatcat:cheqprt4kvhtze3et2afjyqj2u