David S. Ng
1977 Journal of Finance  
Information Retrieval (IR) is the process of retrieving information that is relevant to the users' needs. Over the years, researchers tend to develop the best retrieval strategy, which achieves the best possible performance across all document collections. Their results indicate a pattern of tug-of-war relationship prevalent among the existing strategies, where in one strategy dominates the remaining strategies over other document collections. Data Fusion may nullify the aforesaid tug-of-war
more » ... ect. It can extract the best possible performance among the participating members. Data Fusion in IR usually combines the various retrieval schemes (strategies) to enhance the overall system performance. Our proposed fusion functions assign relevance scores by considering non dependency among all participating strategies. Relevance score assignment based on the relationship between that specific document and all other documents in the corpus. The existing Comb functions treated as the baseline functions for our proposed functions. Proposed and baseline functions' performance tested among three medium size corpuses. The average precision value of functions indicates that, one of our proposed functions achieves better performance in comparison with the base line functions. The statistical analysis confirms the same.
doi:10.1111/j.1540-6261.1977.tb03365.x fatcat:hcdcljnmmfayphebtxbocssi4a