1903 The Lancet  
The council had also drawn the attention of the sanitary committee of the Manchester corporation to a similar complaint and the reply was that the matter should receive consideration. The member of the council who had brought the matter forward said he was prepared with evidence with regard to Manchester and the question was referred to the executive committee. It is mot unlikely that the very able medical officers of health of Manchester and Salford would sanction methods of disinfection
more » ... ated to spread the diseases against which they are so strenuously fighting and it will probably be found that the Trades Council is mistaken. But if the idea exists the sooner it is inquired into the better. It is said that the charges were that many of the disinfectors described as "walking infectors " were put on piece-work and therefore got through as much as they could but in an unsatisfactory manner ; that they had no change of clothing, no bath, and low pay-2s. 3d. per room for casuals-work for which this member of the Trades Council said he should ask 7s. or 8s. The rate of payment has no doubt been carefully considered, but members of trade councils are not believed to estimate the value of their own services at too low a rate. Lancashire County Council and Taceination. At the meeting of the Lancashire county council in November the report of the Public Health Committee stated that in the three months ended Sept. 30th there had been 159 cases of small-pox, with eight deaths, against 416 cases and 29 deaths in the previous quarter. The committee recommended that primary vaccination should be made compulsory ; that the control of the carrying out of the Vaccination Act should be transferred from boards of guardians to the county councils ; and that greater facilities for the supply of pure glycerinated lymph should be afforded." An amendment to the effect that the proposals were too drastic was lost and they were carried by a large majority. It is refreshing to meet wit,h an instance where common sense is distinctly shown in spite of the usual talk about interference with the liberty of the subject to spread small-pox. Coöperators and Cunvalescent Homes.
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