Strategy of Character Education for children within the family

Irnawita Irnawita
2018 Proceedings of the International Conference of Early Childhood Education (ICECE 2017)   unpublished
The child is a small person who is not yet empowered, but has the potential to be empowered through education by parents, community and teachers (pamong). Education provided by parents in the family can be done in the form of service, attention, affection and be role models for children. Besides, the nature of the mine becomes a teacher by the child to be able to shape his character and character. Parenting strategies in addressing children in their daily life in the form of guidance and
more » ... on and provide good examples should be parents in family education. Education in the family is the main education and first obtained by the child, because the first time children know the various values and norms in life. The main education is education in the family oriented to moral education and the rules of life instilled by the family through care and compassion. In the family the child is taught to communicate and perform actions that do not violate the norms of life such as hospitality, honesty, trustand respect for others. Parents are very instrumental in bringing the child towards independence and maturity. There are several stages that are done in the family in the education of children according to age and developmental level. Basis in family education is moral education and character then explained also about moral education of children in the family. Morals have spontaneous deeds, free of engineering and certain interests. Some moral requirements can be fulfilled as follows: (a) The act was done repeatedly. (b) If an act is done only once, then it can not be called morals. (c). The mutation arose easily without being thought through or examined first, so it really is a habit. Some morals demanded in a child, namely morals to God, parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, nature and so on.
doi:10.2991/icece-17.2018.76 fatcat:jw63uvsr4zervpewtx7dhcds6e