Coated wire ion-selective electrodes and their application to environmental problems

H. Freiser
1987 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
Coated wire electrodes (CWE) are shown to be simple, rugged, rapid, and reliable sensors for a variety of cation and anions, both inorganic and organic ions from a range of O.1M to 1 x 106M. They have been applied to analytical problems of environmental nature such as NOX in ambient air, anionic detergents in water, as well as a wide variety of drugs of abuse and pharmaceutical nitrogen compounds. The utility of solvent extraction principles in understanding electrode selectivity and the
more » ... vity and the relevance of polarographic studies of ion transfer between an organic/aqueous interface to ion-selective electrode processes is discussed. The ion-selective electrode (ISE) approach to trace analysis is advantageous because of the speed and ease of ISE procedures in which little is required. Further, ISEs possess wide dynamic ranges, and are relatively low in cost. These characteristics have inevitably led
doi:10.1351/pac198759040539 fatcat:45goyqakdfe65bgxhe4ncqdi6a