Competitor derogation in romantic jealousy and friendship rivalry

Achim Schützwohl, Nikita Joshi, Fatima Abdur-Razak
2019 Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences  
The present study tested whether different psychological mechanisms are defending threats to romantic relationships and close same-sex friendships. Depending on condition, the participants first read a scenario that introduced a competitor threatening either a romantic relationship or a close same-sex friendship. Subsequently, the participants rated the competitor with respect to twelve characteristics. Four each of these characteristics referred to dimensions particularly relevant for female
more » ... levant for female romantic, male romantic and friendship competitor derogation. Ratings were made on scales allowing for a derogatory, neutral or favourable portrayal of the competitor. The results showed competitor derogation in the romantic but not in the friendship condition across all characteristics. Overall, men more than women in the romantic condition tended to provide more derogatory competitor ratings. Limitations of the present study and suggestions for future research are discussed. Word count of the Abstract: 132 words
doi:10.1037/ebs0000190 fatcat:fugmu3tqknalficitkdwx3y2uu