Modeling and Trajectory Planning Optimization for the Symmetrical Multiwheeled Omnidirectional Mobile Robot

Eyad Almasri, Mustafa Kemal Uyguroğlu
2021 Symmetry  
Trajectory optimization is the series of actions that are taken into consideration in order to produce the best path such that it improves the overall performances of physical properties or reduces the consumption of the resources where the restriction system remains maintained. In this paper, first, a compact mathematical model for a symmetrical annular-shaped omnidirectional wheeled mobile robot (SAOWMR) is derived and verified. This general mathematical model provides an opportunity to
more » ... t research, experiments, and comparisons on these omnidirectional mobile robots that have two, three, four, six, or even more omnidirectional wheels without the need to switch models or derive a new model. Then, a new computationally efficient method is proposed to achieve improvements in the trajectory planning optimization (TPO) for a SAOWMR. Moreover, the proposed method has been tested in collision-free navigation by incorporation of the path constraints. Numerical tests and simulations are presented aiming to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed method.
doi:10.3390/sym13061033 fatcat:u5tzpatfsvbvdcqcpopqsczpaa