Accurate Measurements of Wall Shear Stress on a Plate with Elliptic Leading Edge

Guang-Hui Ding, Bing-He Ma, Jin-Jun Deng, Wei-Zheng Yuan, Kang Liu
2018 Sensors  
A micro-floating element wall shear stress sensor with backside connections has been developed for accurate measurements of wall shear stress under the turbulent boundary layer. The micro-sensor was designed and fabricated on a 10.16 cm SOI (Silicon on Insulator) wafer by MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) processing technology. Then, it was calibrated by a wind tunnel setup over a range of 0 Pa to 65 Pa. The measurements of wall shear stress on a smooth plate were carried out in a 0.6 m ×
more » ... .6 m transonic wind tunnel. Flow speed ranges from 0.4 Ma to 0.8 Ma, with a corresponding Reynold number of 1.05 × 106~1.55 × 106 at the micro-sensor location. Wall shear stress measured by the micro-sensor has a range of about 34 Pa to 93 Pa, which is consistent with theoretical values. For comparisons, a Preston tube was also used to measure wall shear stress at the same time. The results show that wall shear stress obtained by three methods (the micro-sensor, a Preston tube, and theoretical results) are well agreed with each other.
doi:10.3390/s18082682 pmid:30111724 fatcat:hjnyukeqh5ek7j2lc7qd7f2jdq