Production, characterization and mechanical properties of Solid form geopolymeric binder- via mechanochemical route using class-F fly ash [post]

SHAILESH KUSHWAH, Manish Mudgal, Ramesh Kumar Chouhan, Avanish Kumar Srivast
2021 unpublished
Here, we developed Solid form geopolymeric binder, the reaction between aluminosilicate material and dry chemicals i.e. fly ash with sodium hydroxide and sodium metasilicate by ball milling for 6 hrs. to make in solid form.. Mechanochemical ball milling of raw material causes a solid-state reaction between raw materials and form solid form geopolymeric precursor which requires the addition of water to make Solid form geopolymeric binder. This geopolymer has been characterized by different
more » ... terizing techniques, such as XRD, FTIR, FESEM, and EDAX, and evaluated for compressive, flexure, and split tensile strength. In our results, we had achieved a compressive strength of 55.4 MPa, flexure strength of 5.38 MPa, and split tensile strength of 3.9 MPa after 28 days of testing. Solid form geopolymers have overcome the handling and hazards difficulties, which is associated with the conventional route. So now it is possible to use Solid form geopolymeric binder as general building construction and in-situ application for construction industry, which were limited to precast construction work by conventional geopolymer route.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:4nucjhtrt5a3tpughiibtfpzm4