Azam Salari Bajegani, Zahra Moeidi
2019 Revista Gênero & Direito  
Each robot that is part of the physical environment, should be able to interact with humans. The dynamic balance on the robots such as the spherical robot cause demonstration Various interactive behaviors. Spherical robot is a stable and dynamic moving robot. It only features a spherical wheel that enables it to move in all directions, so there is not a problem to overturn the standing robots because its motion is in the form of rolling. The robot is able to easily move between the glades, sand
more » ... and snow without clinging and can be used to build special operations teams in war zones or even carry explosives to the enemy's base. This research, is about the kinematics of the optimal motion of a spherical robot in a direct path with a simple mechanism and check spherical robot's control by the computer, and how wireless communication is communicated through the module. This robot is more capable than other robots made with different movement mechanisms, so that it can be easily moved and smooth in smooth, fluid, slippery, and angular surfaces, without the need for an attachment to move, It just moves easily with the gravity of the earth. The propulsion mechanism of this robot is a pendulum of two degrees of freedom propelled by two engines. This robot is a non-holonomic and non-linear system, so it needs a nonlinear controller like Sliding Mode Control (SMC).
doi:10.22478/ufpb.2179-7137.2019v8n2.46516 fatcat:aaec3bvnardejb4upflk4ns7xa