Detecting and Localizing Dents on Vehicle Bodies Using Region-Based Convolutional Neural Network

Sung Hyun Park, Amir Tjolleng, Joonho Chang, Myeongsup Cha, Jongcheol Park, Kihyo Jung
2020 Applied Sciences  
Detection and localization of the dents on a vehicle body that occurs during manufacturing is critical to achieve the appearance quality of a new vehicle. This study proposes a region-based convolutional neural network (R-CNN) to detect and localize dents for a vehicle body inspection. For a better feature extraction, this study employed a lighting system, which can highlight dents on an image by projecting the Mach bands (bright-dark stripes). The R-CNN was trained using the highlighted images
more » ... by the Mach bands, and heat-maps were prepared with the classification scores estimated from the R-CNN to localize dents. This study applied the proposed R-CNN to the inspection of dents on the surface of a car body and quantitatively analyzed its performances. The detection accuracy of the dents was 98.5% for the testing data set, and mean absolute error between the actual dents and estimated dents were 13.7 pixels, which were close to one another. The proposed R-CNN could be applied to detect and localize surface dents during the manufacture of vehicle bodies in the automobile industry.
doi:10.3390/app10041250 fatcat:v754jrb4v5aixchvzf3xzscwtq