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Ilya Serykh
2021 unpublished
Power spectra of ENSO reveal numerous spectral density peaks at the periods, which are sub-and superharmonics of three different external climate system forcings with seemingly incommensurate periods (Serykh and Sonechkin, 2019). These forces are: Chandler wobble in the Earth's pole motion (∼1.2 year period), the Luni-Solar nutation of the Earth's rotation axis (∼18.6 year period), and the ∼11.5-year Sun-spot cycle. It is shown that the best of the CMIP5-models reproduce the ENSO spatial
more » ... ENSO spatial structure, and a nonsmooth character of its power spectra more or less well (Serykh et al., 2019) . However, the periods of the modeled spectral density peaks are localized at different combinational harmonics of the annual period, but not at the afore-mentioned harmon- C1 ESDD Interactive comment Printer-friendly version Discussion paper
doi:10.5194/esd-2020-74-sc2 fatcat:wsjy6ry3zvc7npgbdyvo5hd7om