Mechanical Inventions

1884 Scientific American  
A propelling apparatlls for vessels has been patented by Mr. Alonzo Cardoso de los Rios, of New Orleans, La. This invention relates to screw propellers for vessels, tbe propellers being made with a compara tively long axis and �piral leaves, and being either cy lindrical or conical ; a special description of forefront of the vessel is also provided for. A railway switch signal has been patented by Measrs. Joseph W. Alexander, of Frazerville, Qne bee. and Marsball Wheelhonse, of Campbellton, New
more » ... of Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada. Tbis invention covers improved means for carrying and operating three-throw switches by one lever with interlocking devices, which auto matically lock the signals in position and unlock them for sh ifti n g. A steering gear for traction engines has been patented by Mr. Albert P. Broomell, of York, Pa. This invention consists in certain combinations of bevel gears and frictiun driving devices counected with the motor shaft and the reversing shaft, by which mo tion is transmitted to the steering devices, whereby great efficiency and smoothness of action is obtained, and the machinery is free from much or all liability to breakage. A steam engine has been patented by Mr. William Golding, of New Orleans, La. The invention consists mainly in grouping engines into pairs. connect ed with progressively arranged. cranks on two inrlepend eut shafts geared with and rotating a main driving or combined engine sbaft. 80 the initial and diministling pressures of the steam, working expamively. al'e made to produce a uniform effect from the order in wbich the greater and lesser pressnres follow each other in the se veral cylinders. ••• MECHANICAL INVENTIONS. A locomotive frame forging die has been patented by Mr. Thomas Morris, of Dnnkirk, N. Y. This invention relates to a holding die or bed adapted to bold the leg and brace forgings of locomotive frames while welding npon said forgings the top connecting har. A saw mill feed mechanism has been pa tented by Mr. Ed win T. Gardner, of Rocky Mouut, N. C. This invention cOVeJ'S a peculiar cotlstruction and arrangemeut of parts to facilitate rnnning the saw log carriage back and forth, and for regulating its speed at will . ••• AGRICULTURAL INVENTIONS. A fertilizer pul verizer and distributer has been patented by Mr. Charles F. Dinkle, of Carlisle, Pa. It is desi�ed to attach the pulverizer to machines nsed for planting seeds, the attachment to be so made that the fertilizer will pass from the 'pulverizer into and go with the seed discharged from the planter.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05241884-330a fatcat:yqi6zsgusnbdtdi7rhp5notfrq