Reprint of: Ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer in conducting polymer–buckminsterfullerene composites

B. Kraabel, C.H. Lee, D. McBranch, D. Moses, N.S. Sariciftci, A.J. Heeger
2013 Chemical Physics Letters  
We report time-resolved photoinduced absorption and time-resolved photoconductivity in conducting polymer-C 60 composites. Photoinduced electron transfer occurs at times <1 ps. Two subgap features are observed in the photoinduced absorption of pure poly (3-octylthiophene) (P3OT); these form earlier than 1 ps and decay with s < 5 ps. P3OT mixed with C 60 shows similar spectral features at early times (<1 ps); however, a new spectrum evolves after % 1 ps as a result of electron transfer from P3OT
more » ... transfer from P3OT to C 60 . Ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer improves the quantum efficiency for photogeneration of charge carriers; in the ps domain the photoconductivity of the conducting polymer host is enhanced by more than an order of magnitude upon mixing in a few percent C 60 .
doi:10.1016/j.cplett.2013.08.069 fatcat:cvgjfs5wpvbvbj5qajnx4hvefi