Євген Іванович Трушляков, Андрій Миколайович Радченко, Микола Іванович Радченко, Сергій Георгійович Фордуй, Сергій Анатолійович Кантор, Богдан Сергійович Портной
2019 Авіаційно-космічна техніка та технологія  
One of the most attractive reserves for improving the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems is to ensure the operation of refrigeration compressors in nominal or close to nominal modes by selecting a rational design heat load and distributing it within its design value according to the behavior of the current heat load under variable current climatic conditions to provide the maximum or close to maximum annual cooling capacity generation according to cooling duties of air conditioning.
more » ... n the general case, the overall range of current thermal loads of any air conditioning system includes a range of unstable loads associated with the precooling of ambient air with significant fluctuations in cooling capacity according with current climatic conditions, and a relatively stable range of cooling capacity consumed to further reduce air temperature from a certain threshold temperature to the final outlet temperature. It is quite obvious that a stable range of heat load can be ensured within operating a conventional compressor in a mode close to the nominal mode while precooling the ambient air with significant fluctuations in heat load requires regulation of the cooling capacity through the use of a variable speed compressor. Thus, in response of the behavior of the change in current heat loads, any air conditioning system, whether the central air-conditioning system with its heat procession in a central air conditioner, or a combination thereof with a local recirculation system of indoor air, essentially consists of two subsystems: pre-cooling the ambient air and then cooling it to the set point temperature. The proposed method of distribution of design heat load depending on the behavior of the current heat load is useful for the rational design of central air conditioning systems and their combined versions with the local air conditioning system.
doi:10.32620/aktt.2019.7.09 fatcat:ovp6kt3ttjg6dlwc26bi7qxtei