Examining the Relationship between Features of Learning Organization and Receiving Learning by Organization Based On Michael Marquardt Model

Mahdi Barehmoghadami, Davood Feiz, Mehdi Baghban Saad Abadi-
2014 Zenodo  
The present study has evaluated the characteristics of a learning organizations based on Michael Marquardt models in Pasargad Bank branches. Data were collected through Michael Marquardt's two questionnaires of learning organization and Vick and Leon's questionnaire on assessing the merits of learning organization. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the characteristics of a learning organization of Pasargad Bank in Mashhad branches. So, five hypotheses have been brought that the
more » ... t that the independent variables by five dimensions of learning dynamics, organizational change, making people strong, technology and knowledge management and dependent variables comprise the learning organization. This study in case of research objectives is functional and is based on descriptive-correlation approach. The statistical population included all of Mashhad Pasargad Bank branches total of which are 155 cases and using Cochran's formula and simple random sampling method, 110 of them were selected as statistical sampling. 19 spss software for data analysis is used which in both descriptive and inferential statistics, data have been analyzed. To investigate assumptions Pearson have been used. The results suggest that the dynamics of the learning can impact on learning organization. The component of organizational change has an impact on learning organization. Component of making people powerful, knowledge and IT management can also impact on learning organization. The regression equation also shows that the independent variables of learning dynamics plays the main role (partial correlation) With the 0.588 and then component of making people powerful with partial correlation coefficient of 0.252 will play its role in the learning organization
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3458731 fatcat:mog6hzfilbh7jbamc646pwjlky