Sense of Time and Interpretation of the Evolution of Time

Dhananjay Pal
2013 American Journal of Modern Physics  
Our consciousness model involving thought-carrying particle (TCP), thought retaining particle (TRP) and thought force (T F ) signifies the existence of universal consciousness that exists along with the universe. This universal consciousness is a functional state of the universal mind. This universal mind (UM) is evolved at the Big Bang from void. The UM is constituted by these TCP and TRP in the inherent presence of thought force (T F ). Thought force (T F ) is an expression of universal
more » ... ousness. The Thought force (T F ) being the primordial quantum field functions as the original super-force. T F being the original super-force functions as the origin of all the fundamental fields. TCP is the carrier of thought force (T F ) that, in turn, appears to be the origin of all the fields. The quantized energy ( ) T ε of TCP is responsible to cause the universal consciousness as well as the cosmic microwave background radiation temperature. The individual consciousness owes its origin to the universal consciousness created by the same T ε . The same T ε is the energy responsible for generating thought force (T F ). T F being an expression of the universal consciousness is applicable to any inanimate object as well as to any biological system (having thinking ability). The T F exerts its functions both in vitro and in vivo. Time of any kind cannot exist without the existence of consciousness. Time without consciousness is not possible. But consciousness without time is possible. The manifestation of any type of time is solely dependent on the manifestation of consciousness. There is no manifestation of 'time' unless there is the generation of consciousness [= 2 / T T T m c hc ε λ = = (where T m = quantized mass of the TCP, c= free-space velocity of light, h = Planck's quantum constant, T λ = wavelength of the TCP)]. The origin of the physical time appears to be the origin of evolution of light and its evolved velocity (c) at that point of the beginning of universe. [This c is related with consciousness (= T ε ) as shown here: T T T hc c m λ ε / 2 = = ].
doi:10.11648/j.ajmp.20130206.17 fatcat:5vg3zbn5qrcktnuhxvxssimpnq