Easements and protected areas: problems and evolution of their graphic representation on urban development and civil engineering drawings

Jordi GOMIS, Carlos TURÓN
2016 Geographia Technica  
The constraints that urban development or civil engineering projects impose on certain areas often establish on them certain easements that must be specified in various graphic documents. These easements are constituted from the planning, or are represented by imposition of other organisms in order to establish the proper functioning and protection of infrastructures. The graphic representation of these "limitations" is significant and consistent enough in urban and/or civil engineering plans
more » ... perform its corresponding analysis. However, it should be stressed that one should not confuse the graphic representation of the easements and protected areas established and/or represented in the planning with protected areas of land, that may be so due to a variety of reasons -natural parks, land reserved for various uses or infrastructure, etc. and which, in this case, would be related with the classification and use granted through regional plans and programmes.
doi:10.21163/gt_2016.111.05 fatcat:ao5kqc3unrgy7gurht3cjwktba