Suzuki reaction: mechanistic multiplicity versus exclusive homogeneous or exclusive heterogeneous catalysis

2009 ARKIVOC  
Comparative studies of the kinetics and selectivity of the Suzuki and Heck reactions, the modified tests on homogeneity-heterogeneity and an implementation of the solid-phase variant of the Suzuki reaction indicate a substantial contribution of the heterogeneous mechanism to the Suzuki reaction catalysis which is in contrast to the Heck reaction. The contributions of molecular complexes, colloidal Pd and the larger-sized particles to Suzuki catalysis depend on the nature of the catalyst
more » ... r, the solvent and the temperature of the reaction. It has been established that these contributions change significantly during the reaction as well.
doi:10.3998/ark.5550190.0010.b17 fatcat:lymc6y325nehpa7aczsslrxdtu