Field-induced structural evolution in the spin-Peierls compoundCuGeO3:High-field ESR study

S. A. Zvyagin, J. Krzystek, P. H. M. van Loosdrecht, G. Dhalenne, A. Revcolevschi
2003 Physical Review B (Condensed Matter)  
The dimerized-incommensurate phase transition in the spin-Peierls compound CuGeO_3 is probed using multifrequency high-resolution electron spin resonance (ESR) technique, in magnetic fields up to 17 T. A field-induced development of the soliton-like incommensurate superstructure is clearly indicated as a pronounced increase of the ESR linewidth Δ B (magnon excitations), with a Δ B_max at B_c∼ 13.8 T. The anomaly is explained in terms of the magnon-soliton scattering, and suggests that the
more » ... n-like phase exists close to the boundary of the dimerized-incommensurate phase transition. In addition, magnetic excitation spectra in 0.8 CuGeO_3 are studied. Suppression of the Δ B anomaly observed in the doped samples suggests a collapse of the long-range-ordered soliton states upon doping, that is consistent with high-field neutron scattering experiments.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.67.212403 fatcat:swmsfym6e5ajvo4wawmv7ivj5a