About Conditions

Dries Rodet
2021 Zenodo  
The seemingly arbitrary traces of nature growing in-between two buildings, the transient density of a fog, the unstable logic of the course of the Mississippi river, the controlled humidity in a botanical greenhouse, the apparent randomness of a set of chairs on a summery terrace.Can architecture focus on what is ephemeral and generate similar conditions? Can a design approach that accepts uncertainty, vagueness and lack of control be developed? Can it be, like nature, conducive to evolution
more » ... transformation over time? Truwant + Rodet + wants to investigate architecture that has no clear boundaries. So instead of seeing architecture as an authoritarian discipline that produces fixed and hermetic objects, we propose to think about what could be put in place to stimulate unexpected phenomena and relationships. Architecture as a transversal discipline that becomes a generator of potentials and conditions.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4727120 fatcat:saoz2inbgbgwtgfexnkbk2mw2q