Neural predictors of auditory word learning

Leilei Mei, Chuansheng Chen, Gui Xue, Qinghua He, Tian Li, Feng Xue, Qin Yang, Qi Dong
2008 NeuroReport  
The present fMRI study aimed to identify neurofunctional predictors of auditory word learning. Twenty-four native Chinese speakers were trained to learn a logographic arti¢cial language (LAL) for 2 weeks and their behavioral performance was recorded. Participants were also scanned before and after the training while performing a passive listening task. Results showed that, compared to 'poor' learners (those whose performance was below average during the training), 'good' (i.e. above-average)
more » ... rners showed more activation in the left MTG/STS and less activation in the right IFG during the pretraining scan. These results con¢rmed the hypothesis that preexisting individual di¡erences in neural activities can predict the e⁄ciency in learning words in a new language.
doi:10.1097/wnr.0b013e3282f46ea9 pmid:18185111 fatcat:cfq2f6qjb5b7hdmrkbhdpsuun4