Meta-synthesis approach to complex system modeling

Jifa Gu, Xijin Tang
2005 European Journal of Operational Research  
Meta-synthesis method is proposed to tackle with open complex giant system problems which cannot be effectively solved by traditional reductionism methods by a Chinese system scientist Qian, Xuesen (Tsien HsueShen) around the early 1990s. The method emphasizes the synthesis of collected information and knowledge of various kinds of experts, and combining quantitative methods with qualitative knowledge. Since then, continuous endeavors have been taken to put those ideas into practice. In this
more » ... er, firstly we review meta-synthesis approach and other research relevant to complex system modeling briefly. Then we discuss two main issues, model integration and opinion synthesis, which are often confronted when applying meta-synthesis approach, together with an exhibit of the development of an embryonic meta-synthetic support prototype. Such a demonstration shows how to model complex problems, such as macroeconomic problems in Hall for Workshop on Meta-Synthetic Engineering with versatile resources in information collection, model integration and opinion synthesis. Finally, some future work is indicated.
doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2004.03.036 fatcat:d26buqk6lbhcbbicn4zo3wrnzq