Termination of pregnancy on genetic grounds; coping with grieving

M. J. Korenromp, H. R. Iedema-Kuiper, H. G. Van Spijker, G. C. M. L. Christiaens, J. Bergsma
1992 Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynaecology  
Objective: This study describes reactions of couples to the termination of their pregnancies because of a fetal anomaly. The aims were: evaluation of the counselling at our hospital, in order to formulate recommendations for improvement, to find out whether there was any need for a support group, and to see whether being able to discuss the experiences extensively might be a positive factor in coping. Methods: Forty women and 31 men were invited to have two semi-structured interviews, 6 and 26
more » ... eeks after the termination, respectively. All interviews were recorded on tape and written out afterwards by the interviewer. results: Factors found to be of influence on decision-making and coping include whether the anomaly was found by chance or through directed search, whether or not the anomaly was compatible with life, how far the pregnancy had progressed, and by which method the pregnancy was terminated. conclusion: The feelings these couples faced were in some ways comparable to those perceived after a stillbirth or neonatal death, but the authors also encountered other, entirely different feelings. The latter include guilt, doubt, failure, and feelings of moral and social pressure. Recommendations for clinical practice are given at the end of the paper.
doi:10.3109/01674829209016709 fatcat:5mt5roljnjayzcvheyassxqrge