Network Video Transmission Quality Assurance Algorithm Based on Congestion Control

Hong Gao Zhu, Qi Feng
2013 Applied Mechanics and Materials  
Time delay and packet loss rate during the network video transmission are the two important factors in network video transmission quality. The purpose of congestion control is to reduce the bad impact of network video transmission quality caused by time delay and packet loss rate. This paper proposed a network video transmission quality assurance algorithm based on unbalanced multiple descriptions coding scheme. The new algorithm predicts the congestion state of network by means of Markov model
more » ... ans of Markov model based on available bandwidth detection, changes video transmission path on the basis of the prediction. Experiments show that compared with RED (Random Early Detection) algorithm, the algorithm is much more effective to estimate network congestionreduce video packet loss rate and time delay, thus the network video transmission quality can be ensured more effectively.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:wjlhq3devzdwjllwjpifpf4zm4