Evaluation of Microbial Contamination and Physico-Chemical Properties ‎of Compounding Drugs‌ ‌in Yazd Pharmacies

Radmanesh R, Nabi Meybodi M, Ramezani V, Akrami M, Ranjbar M A, Emami A.
2020 Ufuq-i Dānish  
Aims: Any drug product made in the pharmacy, hospital or factory may be infection with microbes. This infection can be originated from raw materials or during manufacture of the product. It is also important to study the physical and chemical properties and stability of compound products. Materials & Method: In this study, a specific sample of a compound drug was ordered to 63 drugstores with prescription. Were investigated Some parameters such as: Microbial infection, viscosity, particle size
more » ... istribution and their stability after collecting samples. The samples and their results were adapted to the standards. Finding: The results of the experiments showed that 31.7 percent of the samples had color changes and 23.8 percent of the samples were uniformly non-homogeneous. In terms of particle size measurement, 57.1 percent of samples had a 20-40 μm in size and 49.2 percent of samples had 2500- 3000 centipoise in viscosity. In the stability study, 12.6 percent of the samples show phase change at 30-40 °C. About of the determination of the amount of hydroquinone in random samples, used 35% of the cases in suitable amount. In 23.8% of the samples, fungal Infection was observed. Conclusion: Probably contrary to the opinion of most people it is a mistake attitude that only compound drugs in the pharmacy have microbial infection. because the results showed that the microbial burden of compound products in the pharmacy is low.
doi:10.32598/hms.26.1.8 doaj:e6c04949248e455bbf2f1eb14b399a4d fatcat:4zxivjmrsfgxjhnsx4kuzz4xte