Layer- and strain-dependent optoelectronic properties of hexagonal AlN

D. Kecik, C. Bacaksiz, R. T. Senger, E. Durgun
2015 Physical Review B  
Motivated by the recent synthesis of layered hexagonal aluminum nitride (h-AlN), we investigate its layerand strain-dependent electronic and optical properties by using first-principles methods. Monolayer h-AlN is a wide-gap semiconductor, which makes it interesting especially for usage in optoelectronic applications. The optical spectra of 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-layered h-AlN indicate that the prominent absorption takes place outside the visible-light regime. Within the ultraviolet range,
more » ... intensities increase with the number of layers, approaching the bulk case. On the other hand, the applied tensile strain gradually redshifts the optical spectra. The many-body effects lead to a blueshift of the optical spectra, while exciton binding is also observed for 2D h-AlN. The possibility of tuning the optoelectronic properties via thickness and/or strain opens doors to novel technological applications of this promising material.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.92.165408 fatcat:cgltiadcdvfotc3yrqwdndinrq