Spontaneous speech collection for the ATIS domain with an aural user feedback paradigm

Christine Pao, Jay Wilpon
1992 Proceedings of the workshop on Speech and Natural Language - HLT '91   unpublished
This paper describes the AT&T ATIS data collection system, with emphasis on the development of the speech-in, speechout interaction paradigm. The ATIS task involves providing air travel information to a user in the context of a interactive dialogue. Under the AT&T interaction paradigm, information retrieved from a travel information database in tabular form is automatically transformed into sentences, which are spoken to a user by a speech synthesizer. To date, we have collected over 1800
more » ... ted over 1800 sentences from subjects who used the system to solve travel planning scenarios. We present a comparison of the ATIS data collected at AT&T with the ATIS data collected at other sites (BBN, CMU, MIT, and SRI), and discuss what we have learned in this prehminary effort. 1.
doi:10.3115/1075527.1075537 fatcat:dnf5jemh6fbcflwfzf57gb73w4