A sip of tradition

Zoltán Ottó Fülöp
2016 Analecta Technica Szegedinensia  
One possible method of representation and conservation of values determined as Hungarikum is the cultural representation. The representation of cultural values can be realized on several levels and ways. The 'szikvíz' or soda water - the ordinary name - as a traditional Hungarian craftsman product is qualified as Hungarikum on the basis of Act XXX. of 2012. (henceforward: Act of Hungarikum) and as a registered product of Euroterritoirs Programme (Countries of Europe Programme) is under
more » ... protection. Beyond that it can also be categorized as a food industrial heritage. The goal of my research is the national representation of the soda water as a highlighted food industrial product, which I intend to discuss at a wider interpretational horizon, within the perspective of value declaration. The venue of the research is the 77th edition of the National Agriculture and Food Exhibition (henceforward: OMÉK), which is one of the biggest and oldest agrarian and food industrial event in Hungary with great traditions, where the Hungarikum Pavilion got place in 2015 and amongst the represented products soda water was shown. After the modification of Hungarikum Act in 2015, this was the only occasion when food procucts, which are under national protection, were presented together. With the joint application of qualitative and quantitative filters I search for the answer for the question in my article: by what kind of techniques and strategies could the national representation of soda water, which advertised the profile of 77th OMÉK, be executed and what is the importance of this?
doi:10.14232/analecta.2016.1.1-5 fatcat:hsf625r6izfe5bwstea4lfhcnm