Comparative Study on Thermophysical Properties of Se–Zn–In and Se–Zn–Te–In Chalcogenide Glasses

Abhay Kumar Singh
2012 Advanced Science Engineering and Medicine  
Chalcogenide glasses or amorphous semiconducting materials have been frequently used as memory devices. A comparative understanding concerning electrical properties of recent developed materials Se-Zn-In and Se-Zn-Te-In could be helpful to outline their potential applications. Therefore it is worth describing a relative variation in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy core energy levels [Se98-xZn2Inx (x = 0, 4 and 6) and Se93-xZn2Te5Inx (x = 0, 4 and 6)], Raman bands, I-V characteristics,
more » ... l conductivity and ln(I) vs V 1/2 characteristics for the Se98-xZn2Inx (0 ≤ x ≤ 10) and Se 93-xZn2Te5Inx (0≤x≤10) chalcogenide glasses. Obtained outcome demonstrates that the incorporation of fixed amount of Te with increasing In concentration as cost of Se affects the core energy levels, Raman bands, structural units values and electrical properties. The electrical properties of the described materials have been obtained higher corresponding to their structural thresholds units values.
doi:10.1166/asem.2012.1130 fatcat:dzwd7tyhzzhcvitdi3tpgafkze