Interoperability as a design issue in C++ based modeling environments

Frederic Doucet, Rajesh Gupta, Masato Otsuka, Patrick Schaumont, Sandeep Shukla
2001 Proceedings of the 14th international symposium on Systems synthesis - ISSS '01  
The increasing heterogeneity and complexity of VLSI systems has made the use of C++ popular for building simulation and synthesis models at higher levels of abstraction. Currently, there are several different embodiments of C++ based environments, mostly in the form of hardware modeling libraries built on top of C++. However, the semantic gap between hardware modeling concepts, and the software programming language constructs, poses several issues which require critical examination. In this
more » ... r, we address the issue of interoperability between models built using different C++ based modeling libraries, or even modeling "styles" including home-grown C++ models. Model interoperability is the ability to use C++ based descriptions across different C++ based modeling environments. Two important aspects of interoperability are model composability, and model reusability. In this paper we focus on model reusability, analyzing various dimensions of the reusability of C++ based models, in an integration environment for building SOC models. We show how an inheritance based composition may be used to make two distinct C++ based class libraries interoperate. We also outline the implementation of a dynamic composition environment, which allows automatic run-time delegation based composition, to achieve interoperability. These strategies allow system integrators to focus on design composition, rather than software programming details inherent in the current inheritance based solutions.
doi:10.1145/500016.500020 fatcat:j2p6ddrbzndwve6yylmoco3uiq