Two Transiting Hot Jupiters from the WASP Survey: WASP-150b and WASP-176b

Benjamin F. Cooke, Don Pollacco, Y. Almleaky, K. Barkaoui, Z. Benkhaldoun, James A. Blake, François Bouchy, Panos Boumis, D. J. A. Brown, Ivan Bruni, A. Burdanov, Andrew Collier Cameron (+39 others)
2020 Astronomical Journal  
We report the discovery of two transiting exoplanets from the WASP survey, WASP-150b and WASP-176b. WASP-150b is an eccentric (e=0.38) hot Jupiter on a 5.6 day orbit around a V=12.03, F8main-sequence host. The host star has a mass and radius of 1.4  M and 1.7  R respectively. WASP-150b has a mass and radius of 8.5 M J and 1.1 R J , leading to a large planetary bulk density of 6.4 ρ J . WASP-150b is found to be ∼3 Gyr old, well below its circularization timescale, supporting the eccentric
more » ... nature of the planet. WASP-176b is a hot Jupiter planet on a 3.9 day orbit around a V=12.01, F9sub-giant host. The host star has a mass and radius of 1.3 M e and 1.9 R e . WASP-176b has a mass and radius of 0.86 M J and 1.5 R J , respectively, leading to a planetary bulk density of 0.23 ρ J .
doi:10.3847/1538-3881/ab88db fatcat:gww2mp7dofdefja3yzw6niwdw4