Analysis of Heavy Metal Pollution of Superficial Soil in Urban Area

Chen Li, Yuxiang Xie, Kaichao Zhang, Xidao Luan
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Forum on Energy, Environment Science and Materials   unpublished
According to the monitoring data of content of 8 main heavy metal elements in a certain urban area, this paper conducts a modeling study on heavy mental pollution of superficial soil in cities. According to single-factor concentration evaluation standard and comprehensive evaluation standard (Nemerow pollution index), pollution state of various areas has been worked out: industrial area > traffic area > living area > green area in the park > mountainous area. By considering variation
more » ... ariation coefficient of distribution of various heavy metal elements and correlation among them, deduce the main pollution source of different elements: As, Cr and Ni mainly come from coal combustion; Hg mainly comes from discard of lighting electrical appliances; Pb mainly comes from emission of automobile exhaust; Cu, Cd and Zn mainly come from industrial residue of factories. By combining with relevant correlation coefficient, deduction test model is given.
doi:10.2991/ifeesm-15.2015.311 fatcat:ykzjmi7morff7lffm642sxqqk4