Press release Swiss balance of payments and international investment position Q2 2016 Overview Current account

2016 unpublished
In the second quarter of 2016, the current account surplus amounted to CHF 17 billion. This was CHF 3 billion less than in the year-back quarter, mainly due to a decline in the receipts surplus in primary income (labour and investment income). The receipts surplus in primary income was CHF 1 billion, compared to CHF 7 billion in the year-back quarter. By contrast, the second-quarter surplus of receipts from trade in goods and services increased year-on-year by CHF 17 billion to almost CHF 20
more » ... to almost CHF 20 billion. Receipts According to foreign trade statistics (total 1), second-quarter goods exports increased year-on-year by CHF 4 billion to CHF 54 billion. Exports in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in particular, were up, while exports in the watch industry receded. Receipts from non-monetary gold trading recorded a strong increase and came to CHF 19 billion, compared to CHF 13 billion in the year-back quarter. Net merchanting receipts declined by CHF 1 billion to CHF 6 billion. Overall (i.e. including merchanting and gold trading), receipts from goods trade amounted to CHF 79 billion, CHF 10 billion higher than in the year-back quarter.