Methodology for a Numerical Multidimensional Optimization of a Mixer Coupled to a Compressor for Its Integrationin a Hyperloop Vehicle

José Galindo, Vicente Dolz, Roberto Navarro, Borja Pallás, Germán Torres
2022 Applied Sciences  
The current environmental concern has led both the industry and researchers to look for alternate means of transport. Amongst them, the hyperloop has become a quite promising idea. In order to overcome some of its limitations, including a compressor in its propulsive system has been investigated. In this paper, a strategy to improve the design of the mixer, which will blend the bypass and core streams coming out of the compressor, was addressed. Due to the lack of ad hoc compressors and the
more » ... ssibility of experimental testing, a multidimensional optimization methodology with CFD tools was developed. A Taguchi DOE was employed for a preliminary 2D optimization from an initial geometry, whereas a numerical adjoint method was explored for the whole 3D mixer. By using this method, an initial decrease in the pressure drop of 16% was obtained with the 2D stage, whereas an additional 10% reduction was achieved in the 3D optimization. With this, the propulsive efficiency of the whole hyperloop system will be improved.
doi:10.3390/app122412795 fatcat:24zsztkz7ffojilmdtcf42zy4u