Database Evaluation Considering the Decisive Factors for Obtaining an Optimistic Value to Predict the Diagnose

M Rao, N Padmini Krishna, N Jagannadh Varma, P Rohini, V Divya
The main objective of this project is to work on a medical diagnose system that has 13 different symptoms which are used to obtain an optimistic value and further to predict the diagnose. The optimistic value can be predicted through decisive factors namely meticulousness, exactitude, compassion and rigour. The interface developed has a form which consists of 13 different symptoms. When the user submits the form, the data is accessed from the database and the exact matched disease with its
more » ... ntion and cure methodology is shown. If the symptoms are not matched, then the relevant symptoms are considered for predicting the disease and checks the optimistic values of decisive factors and therefore predicts the nearest matched disease to the user along with the prevention and cure methodologies. The optimistic values obtained are usually calculated by individual formulae of each decisive factor. The diagnose obtained is normally predicted but not 100 percent optimistic.