Application of Porous Ceramic Pipes in Vegetable Cultivation. (Part 1). Development of Auto-Irrigating System with Negative Pressure

Mingchi LIU, Munehiro TANAKA, Akira TANAKA, Hang CHEN, Takayuki KOJIMA
2000 Shokubutsu Kojo Gakkaishi  
In this study, a new cultivation system using porous ceramic pipes with negative pressure was successfully developed, by which the water content of soil could be auto-controlled to suitable values for vegetable growth. In this cultivation system, the nutrient and water can be autosupplied to roots continuously and timely, when necessary. The response of the soil pF to the inner negative pressure of the ceramic pipe and its irrigation rate were also studied . During cultivation experiment of
more » ... n experiment of lettuce, the soil pF of the new system could always be maintained at suitable values (1.3-1.5) for the growth of lettuce, while the pF in the usual soil cultivation fluctuated widely (0-1.9) . The growth and yields of lettuce cultivated in the new system were significantly better than that in the usual soil culture. The developed cultivation system would be a useful and practical technique for vegetable production. Keywords : porous ceramic pipe, auto-irrigating, pF, negative pressure , lettuce 1) To develop a new cultivation system that can automatically control the soil water content by ceramic pipes with negative pressure; 2) To examine the productivity of this new system for lettuce cultivation, compared with the usual soil culture .
doi:10.2525/jshita.12.182 fatcat:o7sr32ychnajpg2qdfr2yvy6qq