PTI Technical Assistance to the Department of Energy [report]

Ronda Mosley
2005 unpublished
Public Technology Institute (PTI) engaged in a cooperative agreement, DE-FC26-01NT41107, with the US Department of Energy's (DOE) to facilitate the collaboration of local governments regarding useful, effective energy solutions to their most pressing needs. This program is designed to listen to local government needs, and then to collectively create programs that offer technical advice or referrals on specific projects, that tailor easy-to use assessment and evaluation tools, that design and
more » ... lement technology transfer tools, and that examine existing technology deployment models to develop the best model to effectively deliver energy solutions to jurisdictions across the country. This cooperative agreement began in October 2004 and ended on April 30, 2005. This report shall serve as a final technical report on all activities conducted from the beginning to the end of this project period. PTI appreciates the support that it has received from DOE and plans to continue to serve in a strategic capacity, lending the technical experience of its staff and that of its local government membership on approaches to increasing program efficiencies, furthering program development, and coordinating information sharing to help ensure that energy programs are responsive to the needs of local governments.
doi:10.2172/850332 fatcat:rtegyywxjvahvh3h3s2u6poqra