Rudjer Bošković Institute Radiocarbon Measurements VI

Dušan Srdoč, Adela Sliepčevic, Bogomil Obelic, Nada Horvatinčic
1981 Radiocarbon: An International Journal of Cosmogenic Isotope Research  
The following radiocarbon date list contains dates of samples measured since our previous list (R, 1979, v 21, p 131-137). As before, age calculations are based on the Libby half-life 5570 ± 30 yr and reported in years before 1950. The modern standard is 0.95 of the activity of NBS oxalic acid. Sample pretreatment, combustion, and counting technique are essentially the same as described in R, 1971, v 13, p 135-140, supplemented by new techniques for groundwater processing (R, 1979, v 21, p
more » ... 1979, v 21, p 131-137) and for soil sample treatment (R, 1977, v 19, p 465-475).
doi:10.1017/s0033822200037802 fatcat:crs45gzljzdfdkli6jpam2iet4