Hyperbolic Feature-based Sarcasm Detection in Telugu Conversation Sentences

Santosh Kumar Bharti, Reddy Naidu, Korra Sathya Babu
2020 Journal of Intelligent Systems  
AbstractRecognition of sarcastic statements has been a challenge in the process of sentiment analysis. A sarcastic sentence contains only positive words conveying a negative sentiment. Therefore, it is tough for any automated machine to identify the exact sentiment of the text in the presence of sarcasm. The existing systems for sarcastic sentiment detection are limited to the text scripted in English. Nowadays, researchers have shown greater interest in low resourced languages such as Hindi,
more » ... lugu, Tamil, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Indonesian, etc. To analyse these low resource languages, the biggest challenge is the lack of available resources, especially in the context of Indian languages. Indian languages are very rich in morphology which pose a greater challenge for the automated machines. Telugu is one of the most popular languages after Hindi among Indian languages. In this article, we have collected and annotated a corpus of Telugu conversation sentences in the form of a question followed by a reply for sarcasm detection. Further, a set of algorithms are proposed for the analysis of sarcasm in the corpus of Telugu conversation sentences. The proposed algorithms are based on hyperbolic features namely, Interjection, Intensifier, Question mark and Exclamation symbol. The achieved accuracy is 94%.
doi:10.1515/jisys-2018-0475 fatcat:kbmumlqep5f3baewkpntw4nana