Shekhar Salunke .
2016 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
The rationale behind the study was to estimate effectiveness of Eichhornia leaf filter sleeves as a sediment barrier matrix towards soil erosion and sediment control practice to curtail adverse impacts associated with sedimentation at the lake waters. The study had an objective to implement the development to fit the site under study to stabilize exposed soils as soon as practicable. The prime objective was to estimate the sediment captured by the sleeve to control and manage on-site by
more » ... on-site by protecting the areas and retain sediment on-site. Primarily Eichhornia leaf filter sleeves (Sun dried premature Eichhornia leaf fills ) crammed in an IS 16008 (2012)-tubular mesh sleeve as a linear land based treatment filter to primarily study the efficacy of filtration ability of sediments and soluble pollutants a further contemplation. It is found that besides sediments some of the pollutants can be trapped in sediments downstream. The efficacy of the model was analyzed to be successful in preventing sediment inflows at the lake waters. Effectively percent reduction of sand 89%, TSS 68%, silt 56%, turbidity 51%, and clay by 18% was recorded. This describes the effectual exploitation of the notorious weed Eichhornia biomass sleeve towards reducing sediments and turbidity of runoff waters entering the lake waters enhancing the ecological status of the lakes. The studies portray the application of the Eichhornia sleeve in high reduction in total suspended solids and sand.
doi:10.15623/ijret.2016.0502054 fatcat:gbdqyosxwrfbdl7g5oxuctzfwu