The Mouse Functional Genome Database (MfunGD): functional annotation of proteins in the light of their cellular context

A. Ruepp
2006 Nucleic Acids Research  
MfunGD ( 15 provides a resource for annotated mouse proteins and their occurrence in protein networks. Manual annotation concentrates on proteins which are found to interact physically with other proteins. Accordingly, manually curated information from a 20 protein-protein interaction database (MPPI) and a database of mammalian protein complexes is interconnected with MfunGD. Protein function annotation is performed using the Functional Catalogue (FunCat)
more » ... notation scheme which is widely used 25 for the analysis of protein networks. The dataset is also supplemented with information about the literature that was used in the annotation process as well as links to the SIMAP Fasta database, the Pedant protein analysis system and cross-references to 30 external resources. Proteins that so far were not manually inspected are annotated automatically by a graphical probabilistic model and/or superparamagnetic clustering. The database is continuously expanding to include the rapidly growing amount of 35 functional information about gene products from mouse. MfunGD is implemented in GenRE, a J2EEbased component-oriented multi-tier architecture following the separation of concern principle.
doi:10.1093/nar/gkj074 pmid:16381934 pmcid:PMC1347437 fatcat:ngwijbsxqzb53crfahoi4ppjhy