Chloroplast DNA and CO2 compensation point of somatic hybrid plants between Brassica oleracea and Moricandia arvensis

Kinya TORIYAMA, Toshiya YANAGINO, Khorshid RAZMJOO, Ryuichi ISHII, Kokichi HINATA
1988 The Japanese Journal of Genetics  
The CO2 compensation point and its relation to the chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) type were investigated on the somatic hybrids between Brassica oleracea , a C3 plant and Moricandia arvensis, a C3-C4 intermediate plant. The fragment patterns of cpDNA digested with restriction endonuclease (XhoI) showed that the somatic hybrid plants had the cpDNA of either B. oleracea or M , arvensis. Out of 11 plants investigated, 5 plants had the cpDNA of B. oleracea, while 6 had that of M. arvensis. However, both
more » ... pes of the hybrids showed as high a CO2 compensation point as B. oleracea irrespective of their cpDNA . In this respect, the C3-C4 intermediate character of M. arvensis was not expressed in the hybrids. Abbreviations: cpDNA, chloroplast DNA; T, CO2 compensation point .
doi:10.1266/jjg.63.543 fatcat:cjpmiceubvaklaxebhkc6xvynu