Approximate Solution of Riccati Differential Equation via Modified Greens Decomposition Method

Amit Ujlayan, Mohit Arya
2020 Defence Science Journal  
Riccati differential equations (RDEs) plays important role in the various fields of defence, physics, engineering, medical science, and mathematics. A new approach to find the numerical solution of a class of RDEs with quadratic nonlinearity is presented in this paper. In the process of solving the pre-mentioned class of RDEs, we used an ordered combination of Green's function, Adomian's polynomials, and Pade' approximation. This technique is named as green decomposition method with Pade'
more » ... od with Pade' approximation (GDMP). Since, the most contemporary definition of Adomian polynomials has been used in GDMP. Therefore, a specific class of Adomian polynomials is used to advance GDMP to modified green decomposition method with Pade' approximation (MGDMP). Further, MGDMP is applied to solve some special RDEs, belonging to the considered class of RDEs, absolute error of the obtained solution is compared with Adomian decomposition method (ADM) and Laplace decomposition method with Pade' approximation (LADM-Pade'). As well, the impedance of the method emphasised with the comparative error tables of the exact solution and the associated solutions with respect to ADM, LADM-Pade', and MGDMP. The observation from this comparative study exhibits that MGDMP provides an improved numerical solution in the given interval. In spite of this, generally, some of the particular RDEs (with variable coefficients) cannot be easily solved by some of the existing methods, such as LADM-Pade' or Homotopy perturbation methods. However, under some limitations, MGDMP can be successfully applied to solve such type of RDEs.
doi:10.14429/dsj.70.14467 fatcat:b2m267pp2ncnbmogd36nkdbbeu