Dreams from another dimension?

2015 Journal of Near-Death Studies  
In 2015, I began communicating with an events planner for the U.S. Army who shared with me a series of anomalous dreams-anomalous in the sense that the dreams usually contained specific names of deceased servicemen previously unknown to her but known to an assistant chaplain with whom she worked. The goal of my ensuing case study research into this apparent episode of spontaneous mediumship was to collect these dreams, search for commonalities, and propose explanations for their anomalous
more » ... eir anomalous aspects. Alternative explanations included fraud, faulty memory, coincidence, and telepathy or some other form of remote perception. None of these alternatives explained these anomalies as well as what the experiencer herself proposed: that the deceased themselves had successfully communicated with her during her nighttime dreams.
doi:10.17514/jnds-2015-34-2-p108-123. fatcat:74mae5krmvesliaodfpwscs464